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The person who entrusts and accordingly visits and makes use of Santorini Renal Nephrology and Dialysis Centre services, is embraced with respect from our centre without constituting at any case an object of exploitation or of not suitable treatment because of his depending situation.
The policies and all processes inside the clinic, are in line with the current guidelines and legislation. Concretely all the clinical procedures, the required controls for the existence of infections, the security rules for health and treatment, and the legislation for a situation of panic, complete the support of the structure and operation of our clinic.
The system of quality improvement that our clinic has adopted is conditioned from the following rules:
Planning of dialysis procedures, administration and support of it, definition of the policy and the process of its registration, follow-up of the operation and explanation of its elements, analysis of results, activation and acceptance of all arganic changes that promote the general growth of the clinic.
This activity at a systematic level, leads in the direction in which Santorini Renal Nephrology and Dialysis Centre is committed with success to attribute quality in its environment.
The hemodialysis treatments in our clinic conform with the criteria of national and international organizations like the Greek Nephrology Foundation, the European Quality Measurement of Medical Treatments, the DOQI (Dialysis Outcomes Quality Initiative). Concretely the renal unit follows certain procedures during each patient’s hemodialysis, their nutrition and lifestyle. All our personnel respects these guidelines and policies.
The water used for the treatment of hemodialysis emanates from a system designed with respect at the highest requirements. (Advancement of Medical Instrumentation Guidelines) which develops models of medical direction. In that way the limit of quantity of becteria, endotoxins and other chemical substances found in the water is stabilized. The water produced from the installation is analysed with a concrete procedure for the guarantee of safety and protection of the patient. Also the water of the Municipality of Santorini is analysed, which respects the operation rules of the centre, for the protection of the environment and the maintenance of a satisfactory overall quality.
Santorini Dialysis Centre | Santorini Renal
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